a poem by me


I have recently begun reading and trying to write poetry for the first time in a while, and I wrote a new poem today. Poetry takes practice, obviously, as does the courage to share creative work, so I’m going to share this poem here. I welcome your comments! (Constructive is great, but mean is not.)


I wish to be made vivid by the sea,
To grow my fins as Ariel grew legs,
To frolic in a world cornerless
And weightless where my own companions fly.

A child’s wish I know and only mine.
Sophisticates would sniff and swallow scorn
And realists would wince and, grim, regard
The sea and all its waves and wish it dry.

But I have always stumbled on the land
And wrapped my soul’s garb tighter with each fall,
Grown harder, brusquer, squarer on the shore,
But never quite without a backward glance.

And when at night I think I’m all alone,
I walk until the tide laps round my waist
And nearly carries me in its embrace
Away to where the water calls me home.


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