My name is Melissa, and I’m a Masters student in religion. I like to think about the meaning of life and how we can better live it, especially as relevant to the fields of literature, religion, philosophy, psychology, and foreign languages (those mostly for fun).

I’m also interested in, and discuss politics and current events, from the basic premise that humans, on the whole, want peace and prosperity and what is best for themselves and others. I believe that (most of the time), when a population is split down the middle on an issue it is because both positions articulate insights and concerns that contain some validity. In my discussion of politics and current events on this blog, I’ll try to be sensitive to valid insights on both sides of debates and to propose positions that consider both sides.

Finally, one of my goals is to work on creative writing of various types, so I’ll sometimes share a poem or other piece of writing or a short analysis of others’ work and why it matters.

I realize this blog unites a lot of topics, but I hope you’ll find it interesting or helpful. Please feel free to comment or contact me with your thoughts!


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